"What is love?"

"Love? Love is life!"

"Love? What is it? Why is it? Where is it?"

"I believe that God predetermined all our relationships. But He left it to us to find each other. He made us all couples and each one has a soul mate."

"A soul mate? What nonsense! I don’t believe in all this."

"I’m absolutely sure. Somewhere, someone has been made for me and that someday, l shall certainly meet him."

"Okay, but will someone please tell me how would I know who was made for me? I mean, will she be holding a placard with my name on it? When I see her, will there be a clap of thunder or a flash of lightning? What? How would I recognize her?"

"I don’t know what others would do, but I’ll certainly know it’s him. He will tell me. He will give me a sign, and my heart would know its him."

"What is all this?"

"This is love."