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» Gabbar’s Management Lessons


Gabbar was more than just a ruthless Dacoit he was also a management and marketing genius. Just have a look at all that we can learn from his enterprising character:


1. Jo Darr Gaya Samjho Marr Gaya!! This is the most timeless lesson from Gabbar Singh. Courage and enterprise are the most important factors for laying the successful foundation of a growth oriented organization or a happy life.

2. Kitne Aadmi The ? As part of business strategy, Gabbar Singh made it a point to understand his competition and knowing that his team was defeated by only two people, he understood that even a small team could make a difference.

3. Arey O Sambha, Kitna Inaam Rakhi Hai Sarkaar Hum Pe? Gabbar knew the importance of promoting one’s own brand. He put it very nicely. When mothers put their kids to sleep saying, “So ja nahi toh Gabbar aa jayeg,” you know that brand value is built by shamelessly promoting your business.

4. 6 Goli Aur Aadmi 3? Bahut Nainsaafi Hai? Gabbar Singh had a sense of sarcasm and sadism. He created an illusion where his people had a chance of survival. He kills them in the next scene. Moral: - Perform or perish.

5. Le, Ab Goli Kha… Sometimes in the interest of the organization the management has to take some hard decisions. He always put the interest of his establishment before himself. So sometimes he had to ‘fire’ some employees.

6. Bahut Yaraana Lagta Hai! Gabbar was good at recognizing emotions and knew how to milk them for his own good. Through close observation, he found that Basanti and Veeru were madly in love with each other. So, he motivated her to shake a leg by threatening her ‘जब तक तेरे पैर चलेंगे, इसकी साँसे चलेंगी ‘. He had a good sense of timing while applying the ‘carrot and stick approach’. He was also a lover of music and dance. ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ was his favorite bonfire song.

7. Bahut Pachtaoge Tahkur! Gabbar never took superficial decisions. Thakur put him behind bars. He made a promise to himself and returned from prison to obliterate Thakur’s family and chop off those very limbs that put him behind prison walls. It shows his resoluteness. Very important factor for success.

8. Tera Kya Hoga Kaliya? This statement shows how much employee feedback is valued during management decisions taken at the Board of directors meetings.

9. Tu Kya Ladega Mujhse Thakur? Final lesson: Never underestimate your competition. Gabbar had robbed Thakur of his arms but not of his willpower and intelligence. Thakur finally brings Gabbar to his knees and ends his reign.

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"I saw her blooming into a flower from a blossom. A youngster, an actor, a mother … I saw her living every roles because that is what she is, a quiet, straight forward, gentle and a benevolent girl. I never saw her getting tired in a shoot. Once Kajol saw her shooting for long hours and told me, she is like a perfect Hollywood Actress, a directors actress. She gives the director the shot he wants. She is a rare combination of beauty and immense talent. A perfect Hindi dilogue delivery voice, eyes and expressions as lucid as a mirror, a camera loving personality, dance and rhythm perfectly coordinated. And with such exceptional combination, she always stayed so simple at her heart. I never saw her with false pride or throwing star tantrums." 

 Gautam Rajdhakshya


Shashi Kapoor.

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