With a tradition lasting over a hundred years, Hindi cinema has seen countless highs and countless lows. Struggling actors, ambitious filmmakers, creative authors and even those who have been given everything on a platter. Bollywood is not just a film industry. It is a story with fascinating characters, unexpected twists and overwhelming love for the art of filmmaking, which has not always been utilized, and at other times has surpassed its own limits...

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Ali Zafar

Anonymous asked: there's a copy of highway with subtitles on extratorrent by team jaffa i think

Thank you :)

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Anonymous asked: Any plans to watch Highway ? I would love to read your thoughts about it !

Definitely! Highway is one of the 2014 that I am really curious to watch! I know a good print is available online, but there are no subtitles and I will rather wait a while so I can really appreciate the film.

Anonymous asked: Who's the girl in your tumblr picture?

You mean my icon? That is Tamanna.