Birthday party with the Dutt family!

The Most cutest pair in Bollywood :

Saqib aur Huma 

bobby aur tasawur ka rishta
What do you think about dilip kumar ?

He is my most favourite Bollywood actor. 

Great actor, great entertainer.

And when he was young he was the sexiest thing ever.

Dilip Kumar….. makes me gush till today.

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Yeh jism pyar karna nahi jaanta… Yeh jaanta sirf bhookh.. jism ki bhookh

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do you know the oldest leading actress to ever star in a bollywood film? im so sick of seeing the old khans playing lovers w/ nearly underage actresses etc. they look so busted/bloated next to them. i would trade any of the old khans in to get juhi chawla/aish back on screen. i would love a movie with sid/juhi leading. or something new for once. opinions?

Hi there, well, there are some films (not many) that are about aging couples (Saaransh) which have and older female lead, but they are VERY scarce. Recently Rekha at 60 will be the main protagonist of Super Nani. 

The eldest female being awarded with a Filmfare for a leading role was Nutan when she was only 42

The over 40/50 actors look plain ridiculous beside actresses in their 20s. As if they did not realize they are not doing any favours to themselves. The Khans, so influential, should be, in an ideal world, be the ones who would try to make a change by starring with heroines their age, but they are too busy chasing their youthful image to care. 

I am also pulling for a film with an older heroine and a young guy (Madhuri/Ranbir would be my pick), but for that they need a serious justification - while nobody bats an eyelid or tries to justify the huge age differences between heroes and actresses their age. Well, that is sexism in action of course…..

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